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business operation
business operation

gemdale acquired frasers property limited listed at the stock exchange of hong kong (stock code: in 2012 and renamed it gemdale properties and investment (gpi) in 2013. gpi is integrated with real estate comprehensive development and asset management platform, providing the multiple properties such as integrated space and services for enterprises and individuals through the development and sales, investment management and service operation of commercial center complex, industrial park town, boutique residence, long-term rental apartment, star-level hotel. in 2018, gpi recorded a contracted sales income of about 49.03 billion cny, up 8% yoy, with a total sales area of about 2.26 million square meters; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company of 2.253 billion cny, up 37% yoy. by the end of 2018, gpi run projects in 24 cities in china, totaling 99 projects under construction or in operation. high-quality urban layout and land resources lay a good foundation for the subsequent development.

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  • beijing gemdale plaza
    xi'an gemdale plaza
    commercial complex

    the economic growing power formed by industries needs to be transmitted, fermented and upgraded in a commercial space. gemdale properties & investment is devoted to, with an urban complex as a carrier, providing complex commercial spaces and services with comprehensive functions and infinite vitality in the downtown area to constantly promote the continuous innovation of the urban work and life styles. as of the end of 2018, gemdale properties & investment had 23 commercial center projects in operation or under construction in beijing, shanghai, shenzhen and nanjing. covering an area of over 2.2 million square meters, those projects fall into different categories, including super-high-rise office building, large-scale mall, star-rated hotel and urban apartment. by professional planning development and operation, the price of those projects, as core urban assets, has been continually raised while fully meeting the various needs of all enterprises, merchants and people concerned.

  • shanghai gemdale wiseen software technology park
    shanghai gemdale wiseen jiading intelligent manufacturing park
    shanghai qike wiseen bridge 8
    industrial park

    with the vision of being a “partner of chinese industrial development”, gemdale properties & investment has founded a holding subsidiary, named “gemdale wiseen”, which focuses on the industrial platform. with the aim of “deep-plowing china with the world in view”, gemdale properties & investment focuses on areas such as high technology, new energy, massive health and new cultural creativity to build a six-core industry park under high standards. the six cores are “core brand, core space, core service, core support, core alliance and core fund”. by the end of 2018, gemdale properties & investment had independently developed 13 asset-light industrial projects, covering a total area of nearly 1.3 million square meters, located in global industrial highlands, such as the yangtze river delta region, pearl river delta region, bohai economic rim and us silicon valley, with products falling into four categories: intelligent manufacturing park, technology innovation park, cultural creativity park and characteristic town (to be developed). many of the world’s top 500 companies and target industries have been introduced into the parks. besides, gemdale wiseen has developed foreign partners such as the us apollo fund, and signed a strategic agreements with cri boston, amino capital, and other world-famous resource platforms and incubators, deepening cooperation on industrial platform development.