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gemdale property launches its community storage service brand “u.kung”

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on september 1, 2016, the community storage-based new brand “u.kung” under gemdale property was officially launched and the investment promotion and operation of the first community storage –   - was kicked off.

since its very beginning of establishment, the “u.kung” community self storage service aims at extending home “articles” and “space” outwards by externalizing the “family space” physically, providing customers with a solution of space optimization, and building a modern life of “minimalism”. acting as a bridge between time and space, “u.kung” community storage will also act as a storage and transfer station for customers to connect their homes to the external world. just like the use of usb, customers can also use the “flash memory” to store their life articles and save more space. with the availability of space obtained, “u.kung” helps achieve the integration of the modern minimalism and the “storage gaze” consumption space, becomes another extension to home, and makes the living environment more pleasant and the quality life truly possible.